3 Best Parabolic Antennas

08 Sep, 2023

The parabolic antenna is one of the crucial communication equipment in the communication industry, which is used for point-to-point communications. Therefore, the parabolic antenna is mainly used in applications such as wireless WAN/LAN links for data communications, satellite communications, and spacecraft communication antennas.

In this post, the author would recommend 3 best parabolic antennas and solve some frequently asked questions.


24dbi Parabolic Antenna


24dbi Parabolic Antenna

The 24dbi parabolic antenna is a high-performance parabolic antenna designed to revolutionize your wireless communication experience. The 24dbi parabolic antenna has a wide frequency range spanning from 1710 to 2700 MHz and boasts a remarkable 24 dBi gain, so it can offer you great signal strength and reliability. And, the 24dbi parabolic antenna has an ultra-narrow 8° horizontal and vertical beamwidth, so it ensures your signal is concentrated precisely where you need it. With this precise directional feature, you can say goodbye to signal interference.

Moreover, the 24dbi parabolic antenna masters dual polarization. With horizontal and vertical polarization options, this antenna provides the versatility you demand for a wide range of applications. Whether you require horizontal or vertical alignment, the 24dbi parabolic antenna could meet your changeable signal needs.

The 24dbi parabolic antenna ensures stable and excellent performance in hard conditions because it is engineered to operate in temperatures ranging from -35℃ to +50℃ and can handle wind speeds of up to 140 km/h.

Mimo Parabolic Dish Antenna


Mimo Parabolic Dish Antenna

The mimo parabolic dish antenna gain is 26 dBi gain which ensures exceptional signal strength.  Whether you're bridging long distances or tackling challenging terrain, this mimo parabolic dish antenna ensures that your wireless network reaches farther and performs better. This mimo parabolic dish antenna also has a wide across frequencies ranging from 2300 to 2700MHz, so it covers all the bases for optimal performance.

Thanks to XJS, the mimo parabolic dish antenna is created by XJS's excellent technologies. The mimo parabolic dish antenna has a paraboloid with a thickness of 2.0mm, so the mimo parabolic dish antenna also gets well in the hardest conditions. The mimo parabolic dish antenna has an 8° horizontal and vertical beamwidth, so it is able to ensure pinpoint accuracy for your signal transmission needs.

This mimo parabolic dish antenna is used in many applications such as IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN, or other long-range directional applications.

Parabolic Antenna


Parabolic Antenna

The 32 dbi mimo dish antenna is a revolutionary product that can revolutionize your connectivity experience. This 32 dbi mimo dish antenna is famous for its high gain and stable signal performance. With the 32dbi gain, this parabolic antenna ensures you're always at the forefront of connectivity, regardless of the conditions. The 32 dbi mimo dish antenna covers from 4900 to 6400MHz, so it easily ensures clear and stable signals across various applications and scenarios.

Also, aiming to ensure the high accuracy of the signal, XJS's engineer specially designed it to have a narrow horizontal and vertical beamwidth of 3.5°, so it would surprise you with the high accuracy. To ensure signal integrity, this 32 dbi mimo dish antenna is designed with pure copper N-Female connectors and two low-loss RG141 jumper cables, so this antenna minimizes signal loss, guaranteeing that your signal maintains its strength throughout the transmission.

What is The Coverage Area of A Parabolic Antenna?

The coverage area of a parabolic antenna, also known as the antenna's beamwidth, is determined by its physical characteristics, primarily its size and the frequency of the signal it is designed to transmit or receive.

If you want to know the coverage of the XJS's parabolic antenna, you can contact us to get more info.

How Much Parabolic Antenna Cost?

The parabolic antenna's prices vary on its features, materials, and brand. If you are seeking for economic communication solution constructed with a parabolic antenna for your projects, you can contact XJS to get a great price.

Is A Parabolic Antenna Directional?

Yes, it is. The parabolic antenna is directional, so it is a good choice for point-to-point and long-distance communication because it can transmit or receive signals over long distances with high gain and precision.

Is A Bigger Antenna Always Better?

No, a bigger antenna is not always better. The use of a parabolic antenna is determined by the specific requirements and constraints of the application. Then, if you have no idea which one is best for your projects, you can contact XJS to get an excellent communication solution.


At last, the parabolic antenna produced by XJS has excellent stable signal performance and accurate direction design. With the support of the XJS's parabolic antenna, a great and reliable communication system comes up.

XJS is one of the best parabolic antenna manufacturers in China, offering superior parabolic antennas in various frequency ranges and direction designs.

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