Global 5G end users exceed 700 million

20 Oct, 2022

According to data from the 2022 World 5G Conference held in Harbin, the number of 5G network base stations in China has reached 1.854 million, with more than 450 million end users, accounting for more than 60% of the world's total. The national operator's 5G investment has exceeded 400 billion yuan. This means that there are more than 700 million 5G end users worldwide, a 250% increase compared to the approximately 200 million global 5G end users in 2021.

The 5G network has the characteristics of large bandwidth, low latency, and wide connection. It is exerting an enabling effect in many industries such as industry, energy, medical care, education, and transportation, forming a number of typical application scenarios with commercial value. Especially since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the demand for "contactless" consumption has been continuously generated, which has provided a favorable market environment for the development of the 5G industry.

The application results of 5G technology in transportation, agriculture and industry will surely stimulate the development of 5G around the world. And XJS Technology will continue to vigorously carry out the research and development and production of 5G antennas, and strive to provide corresponding 5G communication solutions for more and more users.

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