Log Periodic VS Yagi Antena

06 Oct, 2023

What is the difference between log-periodic and Yagi antenna? Log periodic vs Yagi antenna, which is better? These two questions are a hot topic in the communication industry. And, most people have no clear answers to these two questions.

Fortunately, in this post, the author will give a full illustration of these two questions.

What is Log Periodic Antenna?

Invented by John Dunlavy in 1952, the log periodic antenna is a type of directional antenna commonly used in radio and television broadcasting, as well as in other communication systems. The log periodic antenna is famous for its wide range of frequencies because this feature is very useful for applications where multiple frequency bands need to be received or transmitted.


9dbi Log Periodic Antennas

What is Yagi Antenna?

Invented by Hidetsugu Yagi and Shintaro Uda in the 1920s, the Yagi antenna also is a directional antenna consisting of two or more parallel resonant antenna elements in an end-fire array. Yagi antenna has a simple structure, but it makes the antenna more focused on signals from a specific direction.

Log Periodic VS Yagi Antenna: Differences

Although both of them are directional antenna, they are different in many aspects. In this section, the author will give a full introduction to the differences between log periodic antenna and the Yagi antenna.


Log-Periodic Antenna (LPDA for short) is composed of multiple conductive elements with different lengths. These elements are called periodic because their lengths and distances from each other are arranged according to a certain pattern.

Meanwhile, the Yagi antenna is composed of a main conductor and multiple auxiliary conductors (called reflectors and drive units). Its structure is relatively simple, so the manufacturing and installation costs are low.

●Frequency Range

On the one hand, the log periodic antenna can operate in a wide frequency range from 698 to 4200 MHz, so it is suitable for receiving and sending signals of multiple frequencies. On the other hand, the Yagi antenna has a relatively limited frequency range and can only operate in a specific frequency range. Therefore, the second difference between log-periodic and Yagi antenna is their frequency range. The log periodic antenna has a wider frequency range than the Yagi antenna does.

698-3800mhz Log Periodic Antenna

698-3800mhz Log Periodic Antenna


●Working Process

When the log periodic antenna is working in certain frequency bands, the corresponding component is working.

However, when the Yagi antenna is working, the entire antenna is working, and meanwhile, the Yagi antenna guide oscillator and reflection matrix are working. During the working process, the more guide oscillator, the higher the directivity.


Due to its different components and working principle, they also are different in the applications. The log periodic antenna is usually used in communication systems where multiple frequencies must be transmitted and received such as LPWAN, LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IoT, IoT, M2M applications, etc. By contrast, with the narrow frequency band, the Yagi antenna is ideally used for broadcast, domestic, and commercial radio communications applications where gain and directivity are required from an RF antenna design.

Log Periodic vs Yagi antenna: Which is Better?

The answer depends on what you need, because they are different antennas. If you want to get a better signal on one frequency band, the Yagi antenna is the better option. If you need an antenna that is versatile a wide frequency range, the log periodic antenna is a better choice.


All in all, the differences between log-periodic and Yagi antenna includes the components, frequency range, working process, and applications. Both of them have different pros and cons, so you can not choose the best one among these two antennas. You need to choose between them based on your specific needs and log-periodic and yagi antenna characteristics.

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