Everything about Sector Antenna

30 Aug, 2023

Do you know the sector antenna? Do you know the sector antenna actually is the bridge connecting the modern network and information? The sector antenna also has become an indispensable component in various industries, enabling efficient and reliable transmission of data over significant distances. Then, in this post, the author will guide you to explore the sector antenna.


What is A Sector Antenna?

The sector antenna, also known as wireless sector antenna, is a type of directional antenna used for providing coverage in a specific sector or portion of space, rather than in all directions like an omnidirectional antenna. This focused coverage is particularly useful in situations where the wireless signal needs to be concentrated in a particular area or direction. The sector antenna has three typical designs such as 60°, 90°, and 120°.  90 degree sector antenna and 120 degree sector antenna both are popular designs in commercial use.

sector antenna

Sector Antenna



What is the Purpose of A Sector Antenna?

The wireless sector antenna usually is used in wireless communication systems to cover a specific geographic area, such as a building, a street, or a public space. It is often mounted on cell towers, rooftops, or other elevated structures to achieve better signal propagation and coverage.


Can A Sector Antenna be Degrees?

60°, 90°, and 120° are three commonly used degrees in the sector antenna. The 90 degree sector antenna is mostly used in public areas such as outdoor wireless LAN systems, public security monitors, and Bluetooth® & Public Wireless Hotspot. 120 degree sector antenna has a 120-degree horizontal beam width, so it can be used in WiMAX, WISP, WiFi, mobile communication, and cell sites. It also comm


What Does A Sector Antenna Look Like?

The sector antenna doesn’t look like a sector shape. It actually is a long and narrow wifi sector antenna.

90 degree sector antenna

90 Degree Sector Antenna


Is Sector Antenna Directional?

The wifi sector antenna is a directional antenna that is used in outdoor conditions.


What is the Frequency Range of A Sector Antenna?

The sector antenna has a wide frequency range because it can vary based on the specific design and intended use.

Model TDS-1727-15HV TDS-5158-18HV TDS-2425-17HV TDS-4865-19-90
Frequency Range 1710 - 2700 MHz 5150-5850 MHz 2400 - 2500 MHz 4800 - 6500 MHz
Applications ●1800, 1900, 2100, 2600 Cellular Band Operation
●Supports midband LTE and 4G networks
●2.4 GHz Indoor/Outdoor Wireless LAN systems
●Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n applications
●WiFi and 2.4 GHz wireless video systems
●Point to Multipoint and Non Line of Sight (NLOS) Applications
●5.1/5.3/5.4/5.8 GHz Wireless LAN systems
●IEEE 802.11a/n applications
●MIMO applications
●WiMAX, WISP, WiFi, mobile communication and cell-sites
●Security monitor
●Point-to-multipoint applications
●Bluetooth® & Public Wireless Hotspot
●2.4 GHz Indoor/Outdoor Wireless LAN systems
●Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n applications
●WiFi and 2.4 GHz wireless video systems
●Public safety
●Security monitory
●4.9/5.1/5.3/5.4/5.8/6.1/6.4 GHz Wireless LAN systems
●IEEE 802.11a/n applications
●MIMO applications
●WiMAX, WISP, WiFi, mobile communication and cell-sites
●Security monitor
●Point-to-multipoint applications


Based on the above data chart, you may clearly know sector antenna design can be different to meet the different applications. Take the 17dbi sector antenna as an example. The 17dbi sector antenna range from 2400 - 2500 MHz, so it can be used in WiFi and 2.4 GHz wireless video systems, 2.4 GHz Indoor/Outdoor Wireless LAN systems, Bluetooth®, and public Wireless Hotspot. Then, the 19dbi sector antenna tends to have a wider frequency range and can be used in wider applications. It could be used in 4.9/5.1/5.3/5.4/5.8/6.1/6.4 GHz Wireless LAN systems. Thus, the sector antenna design can determine the applications of the antenna.


How Far Will A Directional Antenna Reach?

Generally speaking, the coverage distance of the classic sector antenna varied from the different applications. For example, in the wifi network system, it can be used for limited distances of about 4 to 5 km.


What are the Sector Antenna Types?

Two types of sector antenna ---- metal plate sector antenna and metal wire sector antenna. The metal wire sector antenna usually has three, four, or five metal wires, so it widens the antenna frequency band and increases the antenna area. Various sector antenna types varies from the features, function, and applications. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the sector antenna types.

120 Degree Sector Antenna


120 Degree Sector Antenna

Where to Buy Sector Antenna?

XJS is one of the well-known wifi sector antenna manufacturers in China, profoundly researches the outdoor sector antenna and has a rich knowledge of sector antenna. XJS has a powerful and innovative R&D team an advanced test darkroom and 8 test equipment, so wireless sector antenna in XJS can range from 5ghz sector antenna to 21dbi sector antenna.

We understand that every project is unique. Our OEM/ODM services empower you to customize a sector antenna radiation pattern and sector antenna design, ensuring seamless integration into your specific communication setup. Your vision drives us to create.



All in all, sector antennas are instrumental in shaping the efficiency and quality of wireless communication. With the wide wifi sector antenna range, the wifi sector antenna is seen in various industries, from telecommunications to wireless networking.

As technology continues to advance, sector antennas are poised to play an increasingly significant role in expanding connectivity and meeting the ever-growing demands of our interconnected world.

XJS is recognized as one of the most professional sector antenna manufacturers in China, and provide our clients with customized sector antenna in various designs. If you are looking for an outdoor sector antenna, XJS may be your good business partner.

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